Title Loans in Columbus, Ohio

    Often, car title loans are the perfect fit for people looking for a short-term loan. Maybe you just need a little bit of cash to replace a worn out refrigerator or money to fix the car. It is also possible, you’re just running short of cash for this particular month, and you don’t want or need a loan with longer terms.

    In some instances, the idea of repaying a long-term loan isn’t appealing to folks that don’t want the responsibilities of loan payments for the long haul. So, they apply for title loans Columbus to get their cash fast, pay it off and they're done. Since loans offered through Coleman Title Loans are secured using the title to your vehicle, you can also qualify for larger loan amounts and better interest rates.

    If you’re shopping for a short-term loan, learn about the advantages and benefits of car title loans today.

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Applying for Quick Cash

The majority of people, which apply for title loans are looking for fast payouts. Often, the money is needed to pay for unforeseen emergencies like medical or dental procedures, which come up without warning and can be costly. Since our applications are processed quickly, our customers know they can depend on us for fast cash in times of emergencies. To begin the loan process, you’ll need to fill out our online application with the following information:

• Your contact information, so we can talk about qualifying and loan terms. We will need your full name, zip code and phone number.

• Your vehicle information to create a loan estimate. Required information includes a mileage estimate and the make, model, body style and age of your auto.

Your Short Checklist of Loan Requirements

You must own a working vehicle to be offered as collateral and have a clear title. This means there should not be anything listed in the lien holder box other than lien free.

1. You’ll need to provide proof that you are old enough to enter into a contract, which is 18 years of age or older.

2. All applicants applying for title loans Columbus must have income for repaying their loans. You don’t necessarily have to be currently employed, but you should have a source of income.

About Title Loans Columbus

Listed below is helpful information about loan terms, financial obligations and the benefits you’ll experience with our loan services.


Contracts are written according to auto title loan regulation requirements to ensure borrowers understand their financial obligations and how much they are paying for their loan services.

Repayment Plans

Coleman Title Loans realizes everyone has different financial needs, and we don’t expect one repayment plan to fit the needs for everyone. Therefore, you’ll receive several plans that you can choose from, or if needed, we can custom design a plan to meet your unique circumstances.

Interest Rates

During your loan consultation, we can give you a rough idea of what the current interest rates are like. We go out of our way to find competitive rates for our customers. Right before your loan closes; we’ll check our sources to secure the lowest rate possible for your loan closing.

Your Loan Amount

Loan amounts can vary considerably between customers because they are based on income and the value of the vehicle offered as collateral. In most instances, customers may receive as much as 75 percent of the value of their vehicles. Of course, your income has a direct relationship on the size of the loan you could get. Overall, loan values may range from a few hundred dollars to thousands.

Qualifying Customer Benefits

• No pre-payment penalties for paying off your loan early.

• No spending requirements. It is up to you to decide how you’ll spend your funds.

• You’re free to continue driving your vehicle.

• Approved borrowers receive loan funds in a day or less after submitting applications.

• All applicants receive an upfront loan estimate.

• Convenient loan center store locations in and around Columbus.

• Credit scores are not considered for loan approval.

• Short online applications.

How the Loan Process Works

Starting the Loan Process With an Application

You’ll be delighted to know that it costs nothing to apply for a loan. You aren’t under any obligation to continue with the loan process when you apply. To make it as easy as possible for people interested in title loans Columbus, we can accept applications online, over the phone or at nearby loan center stores. The choice is yours.

Phone Consultations

We’ve designed a simple consultation system, which allows you to finish up your application over the phone. You’ll receive a call from one of our loan agents who will explain the steps involved in the loan process, He or she will work with you to find repayment terms that you can easily meet with your current income. Most loan terms start at 30 days for repaying the loans, but if you prefer, we can extend the time period for a longer term. After discussing your financial needs, we will help you to find the best repayment plan for your circumstances.

Your Contract

Contracts help to protect borrowers and lenders when entering into a loan because they state the terms of the loan and abide by auto title loan regulations. Contracts will include:

• The total cost of your loan. • Your repayment schedule.

• The interest rate and costs.

• Minimum payment amounts.

• Applicable loan fees.

Coleman Title Loans

As soon as you have completed the loan process, you are free to collect your loan funds. Coleman Title Loans is ready to help you with quick cash from title loans Columbus today.